Lotus Lingga Pratama


Collection Detail – Hexa




Hexa – inspired jewelry design combines the timeless elegance of geometric precision with a touch of modern flair. Each piece in this collection draws inspiration from the hexagonal shape, renowned for its symmetry and versatility. The intricate patterns and facets of hexagons are skillfully translated into unique and eye-catching jewelry, creating a harmonious blend of artistry and structure. The designs showcase a seamless integration of nature’s hexagonal wonders, such as honeycombs and crystals, into wearable art that exudes sophistication. From delicate hexagon-shaped pendants to bold statement rings, this jewelry collection captures the allure of geometry, making a striking statement for those who appreciate both precision and beauty.


People with passion are incredibly inventive and tenacious individuals. They go way beyond the call of duty and frequently either work on their passion without pay or give more of themselves than their pay warrants. and i do not equate passion with workaholism, in which people say they love their work so much they do it all the time.

Hexa as a symbol of independent women who always want to look bold and different with a hexagon-shaped stone that gives a bold impression but still has a touch of elegance and softness with a sleek and simple design. Independent women can always balance work and style with Lotus Gold.


Vicenzo Collection

Adorn yourself with the audacious allure of bold chain jewelry, making a statement that resonates with confidence and style.

Luminous Collection

Elevate your style with mesmerizing allure of jewelry featuring a changing color gemstone. Elegance in every hue.