Lotus Lingga Pratama


Collection Detail – Sphinx


Introducing our captivating jewelry collection, inspired by the edgy and alluring allure of spikes. This dynamic assortment captures the essence of strength and resilience with meticulously crafted pieces that showcase the fierce beauty of spikes in various forms. From elegantly designed earrings that delicately incorporate miniature spikes, to bold statement necklaces featuring prominent spikes that exude confidence, each piece in this collection is a testament to the powerful blend of sophistication and rebellion. Embrace the spirit of individuality and make a bold statement with our Spike-inspired jewelry collection, where timeless elegance meets a touch of daring charm.


Indulge in the unapologetic allure of our “Boldness of Spike Edges” jewelry collection, where each piece encapsulates the daring spirit of sharp edges and fierce design. This collection resonates with audacious confidence, featuring meticulously crafted accessories that showcase the dynamic beauty of spikes in their boldest form. From intricately detailed bracelets that wrap the wrist with a fearless embrace of spikes to statement rings that command attention with their sharp, edgy contours, every item in this collection is a celebration of empowerment and individuality. Elevate your style and embrace the fearless elegance of the “Boldness of Spike Edges” collection, where each piece tells a story of strength and sophistication.


Vicenzo Collection

Adorn yourself with the audacious allure of bold chain jewelry, making a statement that resonates with confidence and style.

Luminous Collection

Elevate your style with mesmerizing allure of jewelry featuring a changing color gemstone. Elegance in every hue.