Lotus Lingga Pratama


Collection Detail – Veronna



Gold chain jewelry with a thin design exudes an understated elegance, ideal for those who prefer a minimalist and sophisticated look. The slender links of the chain create a delicate and dainty aesthetic that can be worn alone or layered with other pieces for added versatility. Its lightweight nature ensures comfort and ease of wear, making it a classic choice for everyday adornment.


Jewelry featuring Mother of Pearl is prized for its ethereal elegance and timeless appeal. The iridescent layers of this luminous substance, found in the inner shells of mollusks, impart a unique and captivating quality to each piece. Mother of Pearl jewelry often showcases a delicate play of colors, ranging from pristine whites to subtle pastels, creating a striking contrast against metal settings. Its versatility allows for intricate carvings or simple, classic designs, making it suitable for various styles and occasions. Symbolically, Mother of Pearl is associated with purity and protection, adding a meaningful dimension to the adornments. To maintain its beauty, it’s important to handle Mother of Pearl jewelry with care, ensuring that it remains a cherished and radiant accessory.

Valerie Collection

Introducing our stunning two-layer jewelry fusion, where chains and bangles unite to create a harmonious and fashionable ensemble.

Cliona Collection

Elegance in Simplicity : Our thin chain jewelry collection exudes timeless sophistication. Embrace the allure of simplicity with jewelry